Daily Archives: May 8, 2009

More bronze and copper clay rock beads

Today was the 5th time I’ve fired ¬†copper and bronze clay. All rocks beads in this batch, and all seemed to have fired well. The clay is Hadar Jacobson’s bronze and copper clay powder, and I fired using the directions from her blog. The combination of two metals in the same load did not have any effect on each other. ¬†Its easy to tell the bronze and copper clay from each other in the pre-fired beads.


After firing, they almost look the same. But the bronze clay shows some of the patina from firing. This will polish away when I buff the beads. I will try to recreate it by applying heat with the torch, after the bronze is polished.


It was a good rainy day, so it was easy to stay put in the studio to finish a second batch of copper and bronze to fire in the kiln tomorrow.


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