More bronze and copper clay rock beads

Today was the 5th time I’ve fired  copper and bronze clay. All rocks beads in this batch, and all seemed to have fired well. The clay is Hadar Jacobson’s bronze and copper clay powder, and I fired using the directions from her blog. The combination of two metals in the same load did not have any effect on each other.  Its easy to tell the bronze and copper clay from each other in the pre-fired beads.


After firing, they almost look the same. But the bronze clay shows some of the patina from firing. This will polish away when I buff the beads. I will try to recreate it by applying heat with the torch, after the bronze is polished.


It was a good rainy day, so it was easy to stay put in the studio to finish a second batch of copper and bronze to fire in the kiln tomorrow.


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3 responses to “More bronze and copper clay rock beads

  1. holly

    gosh, they’re beautiful…i can’t wait to see what you put with them….you should consider selling them singleton-style on etsy…i always thought i’d ask if i could buy a single silver one from you, but now i think i’ll be seeking a bronze with a little patina…maybe i’ll make it a custom order and then give you lots of good feedback! come on-get the etsy shop up!!!!


  2. fernald244

    I’m having too much fun experimenting with the copper and bronze clays, to work on the Etsy shop. Also need to get stuff to Alone Moose Gallery for the summer by next weekend and I need to fill in at Archipelago in Rockland.
    How’s your Etsy shop going? I love seeing the new things!


  3. holly

    alright, alright!


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