A gem of a combination

Rain drops and lupine leaves.






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2 responses to “A gem of a combination

  1. holly

    and you say your point-and-shoot takes these beautiful photos? what brand/model is it?


  2. fernald244

    In trying to post a photo a day, I’ve dragged out a few older photos. These were taken with my first little Pentax Optio (I forget the model number, but it was a “point and shoot”). It had a macro lens function, but it also had a super-macro function that I used all the time. A few years later I replaced it with a newer version of the same camera. When that one developed a shadow, I bought a less expensive version of the same camera. No super-macro lens. I really miss it. But with 12 megapixels, I find I am able to crop the photos and still get in pretty close with this new model. But it doesn’t feel the same when I’m taking the picture.
    What are you using? Your photos always look great.


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