A great night in New York

       The Tuesday night party to celebrate Ubuntu’s 10 years of commitment to the children of South Africa was an incredible event at Terminal 5 in New York City. Many Islesford friends were there as well as many of the staff from the Ubuntu Education Fund office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 500 people generously helped to raise over $1 million for this incredibly worthy cause. The music of Paul Simon and Hugh Masekela had everyone out of their seats and dancing.                          Congratulations to Jacob Lief and Banks Guaxula for establishing the Ubuntu Education Fund which has provided lifesaving HIV support services and essential education resources to more than 40,000 vulnerable children and their families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

It was a privilege to attend the Gala and to be able to contribute a piece of jewelry to the silent auction.


I believe the final bid was $950. Yee Ha!


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2 responses to “A great night in New York

  1. holly

    that’s awesome! you should send molly a link to your blog, so she can see the good works you and her sunstones are doing!


  2. fernald244

    Hey, good idea! Thanks Holly.


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