Looks like I’ll be spending some time at the buffer soon…..


 Good thing it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. The 15th is also my deadline for the June “Cranberry Report.” A morning of writing, an afternoon of polishing, and an evening of stringing necklaces and putting earrings together. Busy day.


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2 responses to “Looks like I’ll be spending some time at the buffer soon…..

  1. holly

    good morning!
    that picture is SO great! are the ovals and circles punchouts from report covers, or 1-card thick pieces? i love that one little oddball that appears to be a leafy thing in the lower right quadrant…and those “stones” on the bottom with the circles cut out….are they half-stones (flat backed) or fully rounded and hollow?
    write fast this morning so you can get to the beads!!!!


  2. fernald244

    Hi Holly,
    Punch outs from report covers. You are “correct as usual King Friday!” I love using those report cover stencils. Probably my years of wanting to buy a rolling mill and not being able to justify it.
    The rocks with holes are fully hollow. I made some for toggle clasps, then liked the look of them, so those will be earrings.
    I’m going to get my writing done ASAP.


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