Studio before and after (part 1)

The more time I spend in the studio the messier it gets. Here’s a glimpse of my work space and sign of how much time I have spent working with bronze and copper clay in the last few days:


Fellow jeweler, (and my son’s girlfriend) Meghan Quinn is coming for the weekend, and I want her to try some bronze and copper clay. My studio is small, about 10′ by 10′. Finding room for a second person to work with me was a great incentive to clean up the mess and reorganize. 



Part two will be the other work areas in my studio. I just don’t have those “after” photos to post yet…


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2 responses to “Studio before and after (part 1)

  1. holly

    good morning!
    VERY nice! the before pic looks almost exactly like my studio…and i don’t have any after pics!!! maybe that’s why i haven’t been in there in days….you’ve inspired me to tidy up! have a great weekend!


  2. These photos are so satisfying. I love seeing the transition from cluttered to clean. This might sounds wierd, but I get so much satisfaction from organizing my own cluttered house or studio … that for brief moments afterwards the space I’ve just created feels like space that’s opened up inside me. Especially if I’ve been trying to work or function in that cluttered space for a while and I’ve been too busy to take care of it.


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