Testing 1 2 3, two weeks later


The copper beads (bottom) have oxidized quite a bit. The bronze beads on left have oxidized slightly more than the bronze beads on right. I applied Renaissance Wax to one side of the necklace, but it did not slow down the oxidation at all in this case. I don’t mind the look of oxidation on these beads. They also polished easily with a Sunshine™ cloth.

In selling jewelry with high polished copper clay components, I would let the customer know that the copper will oxidize more quickly than the silver or bronze. If they want to restore the bright copper finish, I would suggest using a polishing cloth, or include one with the sale of the piece.


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2 responses to “Testing 1 2 3, two weeks later

  1. holly

    i always send out the etsy orders with a little piece of abrasive paper, so the buyer can get the matte/brushed look back after they get glossy. have you tried leaving some copper pieces to get FULLY oxidized? are they just dark reddish brown at full oxidization?


  2. holly

    or is that oxidation?! duh.


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