Rain, rain, rain.

It’s starting to really get to everyone  in the Northeast. But, it is certainly good weather for staying at work in the studio. I’ve been working on silver PMC pieces for a jury session at the Center for Maine Craft in Augusta next Tuesday.  No studio photos lately, since I’m not trying anything new with copper or bronze clay this week, and I am about to fire the kiln load of PMC pieces. Here are 3 images from Islesford kids that I came across while looking for a photo to put on the blog:

A miniature construction site. (Work was finished for the day.) Whitaker Chaplin,age 5, was the job forman:IMGP1126

Sofie Dowling’s Haiku about horses, age 6:


A painting of the earth by Adele Palmer, age 5:


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  1. holly

    oh my gosh…when i read the line in that haiku…
    “stars of my girl heart” it was like one of the gods laid a hand on my shoulder…the hair raised on my neck! if i use that for a title…i will surely attribute it to miss sophie!


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