Price tags

I sell most of my jewelry on consignment, in stores with seasonal markets, or at craft shows or home trunk shows. Trying to find the right price tag for small items, like earrings, is always a challenge.  Often my jewelry is in a case with  jewelry made by others. How do I make my pieces stand out and find room to attach a price and an inventory number? (When I sell wholesale, this is not my problem to figure out. ) I try something new every summer. This year, at Winter’s Work, my friend Sue moved her shop into a new space on the Islesford Dock.  The display case is the same, but the walls are painted a light sea foam blue. These leaf inspired display cards work well with her color scheme, but I still can’t quite decide if I like them or they are too “cutesy.” (Yes, those are real sticks. Gotta love a chance to use the glue gun!)



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