I had the best time in Chicago. So much fun catching up with my friend Holly Kellogg and meeting new friends, especially those crazy Canadians Marley and Angie! We all can’t wait for next year to see each other at the Purdue conference. My mind is overstufed with new techniques to try, and new designs running through my head for clasps and catches. Every seminar had something to offer.

And, on top of really enjoying myself while I was away, I was so happy to come home to my little island. Today was sunny with a big picnic gathering at Bunker’s cove in honor of Hal Whitaker. It was the first time all summer I got a little sunburn, and went into the water because I actually felt hot.

The picnic was also a great opportunity to pick up some very cool rocks to drill for more necklaces. Now that I’m home, I really need to get to work. I ordered a new OTT light, to help in photographing my work. It would be nice to take photos at any time of day, not just when the sun comes through the dining room art the right angle. I’ll let you know if OTT is the answer!


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3 responses to “Happy

  1. holly

    what’s OTT? glad you had a nice day…i was thinking of Lil. hey, somehow i got your “setting stones in metal clay” book…i’ll send it along with your brown bag necklace and the RAFFLE PRIZE YOU WON!!!!! miss you!


  2. fernald244

    Hi Holly. I hope you had a nice calm flight home! I won a raffle prize? Cool. I hope you won one too.
    The OTT light is a daylight spectrum light.
    Check this out. Some history on Mr. Ott!


  3. Bonjour/Hello/Konnichiwa!!!
    Great to read your blog and see your beautiful creations! Glad you had a stress-free return home.
    We’re sitting here sipping some coffee and reminiscing about the conference-smiling because we both agree how much we enjoyed meeting you and Holly…(it takes crazy to know and appreciate crazy)!!!
    Looking forward to keeping in touch!
    xoxo m and a


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