Been out of the studio for too long!

It’s also been too long since adding to the blog. Sheesh. How can it take over a week just to catch up on life? I’m looking forward to more bronze and copper clay work tomorrow and Friday.  Meanwhile, there are always ongoing silver clay projects:




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4 responses to “Been out of the studio for too long!

  1. holly

    hi there!
    welcome back…i’ve missed you!
    hey, in the second picture there’s a dried, domed shape with a nice pebbly texture….what is that texture?


  2. fernald244

    Hi Holly,
    It is a texture from pebbles. You guessed it. I pushed a whole bunch of small beach pebbles into a box top with a layer of plasticine, so that just the top halves were exposed. Then I mixed up some of that 2 part silicone mold stuff, (Bellicold or Cold Mold) pushed it down to cover the pebbles, and put a weight on it. I think it was one of the first molds I made at home after taking a workshop from Fred Woell. Its still one of my favorites. Just like you! and Fred!


  3. holly

    that’s awesome….your isleford stones/pebbles are so much NICER than those in the rest of the world!!!!
    i’m glad you didn’t say “i was experimenting with my raffle prize”!!!!
    i’d like to sit quietly in your space and watch you work, when you have THAT MUCH happening…i usually have 1 or 2 works-in-progress on the bench, and that’s it!


  4. fernald244

    That’s funny. I always picture watching you work on something on your nice clean bench. I got out some bronze clay today. I’m wondering why!


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