Leaves of bronze clay

All over the island there are bunchberry plants growing along the roadside . The veins on the back of the leaf make a nice pattern for earrings made of metal clay. I’ve made them with silver and bronze clay before, but this was the first time I attached bronze wire to the “leaf” before firing.

Bronze and copper clay leaves earrings after firing. The green patina on the bronze leaves was a happy accident.

Finished earrings, with patina and burnished vein lines. The bronze wire, fired in  place turned a copper color.

The next batch of bronze leaves. Trying to turn a happy accident into a planned result:



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5 responses to “Leaves of bronze clay

  1. Nice job Barbara! Thanks for sharing and inspiring ;-)


  2. holly

    i love them when they have their long stems. i wonder if you could use them that way, somehow… like twist them together and use them as a necklace or something…..


    • fernald244

      Cool idea Holly! Now you’ve got me thinking of adding more than one stem….I wasn’t sure they would stay in place while the clay was drying. But I balled the end of the bronze wire, hammered the ball flat, then dipped it in some bronze clay slip and placed it against the wet clay on the leaf and pressed a dot of wet clay on top of that. Then I placed it on the cup warmer and crossed my fingers. The wires dried in place beautifully!
      Hey, I hope you had a great birthday today. xoxo


  3. holly

    oh yes, it was a lovely birthday!
    balled up and then flattened wire…genius!
    hope your weekend was lucrative!


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