C’mon in!

I finally have room to turn around in my creative space, and show you that it really was possible to find some order in all of the previous chaos. It took all week (minus two days when I had to be off the island) but it was so worth it.

Behind the door, a spot for paperwork, box and mailer storage.

That poster on the wall is a satellite shot of the coast of Maine so I know where to find my tiny island home in case I ever feel lost. Little Cranberry Island is only a mile by a mile and a half, but it can still be seen from space!

The work area for stringing beads and assembling earrings, etc.

A clean surface to begin the 2010 metal clay work.

That’s it.  360º of improvement in an 8 by 10 foot room. Phew.  All of those little drawers? About 60% sorted and labeled. This is the only room in the house where it would be okay to be out of sorts.


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11 responses to “C’mon in!

  1. holly

    wow! it looks great! mine needs that too! what’s in all those jars on the shelves? beads?


  2. Susan White

    Wowser Barb…Looks terrific. You really pack a huge amount into that space. HAPPY NEW WORK SPACE YEAR!


  3. holly

    not yet, but i have some sketches and i’m THINKIN’ about it! hey your etsy link doesn’t work…can you try to post it again?


  4. fernald244

    Just fixed it. There was no “s” in designs.
    Guess I better haul out my camera and get started on my own!


  5. LeAnn

    I am inspired! Tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll start tomorrow to organize. Never mind that I’ve been saying tomorrow for a week now.


  6. Fritz

    in my 27 years I believe that this is the tidiest I have ever seen it. good work, now the hard part……… keeping it that way……


  7. susie

    Looks like you are putting the house on the market.


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