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Ear posts

It costs 20¢ to post up to 5 photographs for each item listed on Etsy, so I plan to post 5 every time. In trying to get different images of a necklace, I will use a leather necklace model just to give a different perspective of the piece. I think they are kind of hokey, but they do add variety to the photos. I looked for an equivalent ear model for earrings, but didn’t find any that I liked from the jewelry supply companies. The only thing that was remotely close to what I was looking for, in my Google searches, was this:

It even came with self-adhesive Velcro, for display purposes. I had to file the lobe down a little bit, as suggested, so the earrings would hang more naturally. The directions also suggested using acrylic paint or colored pencils to make it more life-like. I considered that, but then thought better of it. Do I think I might sell more earrings if they look like they are hanging from a severed ear?!

I’ll give it a try in its white version and see how it goes. What do you think?

I’m still working on the clasp series. More “clunkers” and “aha” moments. Still learning from my mistakes. I’m not sure why I find these things such a struggle, but I do. In the midst of working on one thing, I’ll get an idea for something else. I was working on a series of metal clay earring components with embedded wires, (the earring above features two of them), and I thought, “Why not embed shorter 20 gauge wire to create ear posts, and avoid   soldering?”  With the two hour, 1650º  firing, the posts are fixed well in place. Most likely it is a stronger bond than solder.  After the earrings are fired, I cut the end of the wire to the length I want, and smooth it with a cup burr. Voila! Ear post! And no torch necessary.

These earrings feature a different design on each side, so they are reversible.  This pair will go up on Etsy, but I’m making another pair for myself as soon as I come home from my day off the island tomorrow.


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