Daily Archives: March 28, 2010

Reversible pendants and ICE resin

The ICE resin worked perfectly for me the first two times I tried it. I will definitely keep using it with my collage pieces. (Thank you again to Miss Ficklemedia for reviewing this product in her blog. That entry is what got me to try it.)  I like the look of the seed beads inside the hollow rock, but I have more to learn about that. One thing is not to overfill the compartment I’ve made. One pendant is not in these photos, specifically for that reason. I did not realize I had overfilled it with the resin, until it had already set. This stuff is solid! I ended up destroying the pendant in my attempts to free up the unwanted filling. (I can tell you that ICE resin does not shatter when struck with a hammer.) But I chalked it up to a learning experience. Even without the resin mishap, I was not happy with the results of using dark colored seed beads in the cavity. They just did not show up well. It kind of looked like a dollop of petrified blackberry jam shoved in the middle of an otherwise nice silver piece. And who needs that?


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