Walking east

I’m headed off the island today for errands and a visit with my Mom, but I actually made myself get up early to get a walk in before my day is caught up with trying to get everything done before catching the boat back home at 3:30.

There was something very satisfying about the way this piece of kelp had arranged itself as the tide went out while I was still asleep.


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3 responses to “Walking east

  1. Susan White

    Beautiful Barb, and I am imppressed that you were up out and walking so early! Hope it’s a good day for you.


    • fernald244

      Hi Susan,
      Day three of early walks in my attempt to shed some winter weight….Bruce said this morning, “I wonder how long you’ll keep this up?” Them might be fighting words!


  2. holly

    i lovelovlove early walks…but it has to be warm!


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