Daily Archives: April 24, 2010

Photo slowdown

I’ve completed a fair amount of work recently, but I have not put it up on Etsy yet due to continued attempts at improving my photography. “Good enough” is not quite good enough. I always hope do better. I think I have a handle on the earring photos, but the necklaces are another thing.  Trying out different backgrounds is part of the learning process. And there is always lighting to figure out. Not sure if I like the floor tile background and the green paper is too green for me. Good thing I happen to be in N.Y. visiting my friend Susie this weekend. I plan to go to A.I. Friedman (art supply store) tomorrow to check out their paper department. Time to add to my backgrounds options.

What I like about the necklace below is the that I’m finally using a hand made clasp, and I really like the mix of   silver and copper beads with their green patina. Wish I had bought more of these from Shannon LeVart at Miss Ficklemedia! I am keeping a sharp eye on her Etsy shop for their return.


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