Scenes from my neighborhood

Local artist gets new kicks from riding in the “honey wagon” while it visited lucky island residents last week…

Bunch o’ guys talking about the best way to flip over a heavy wooden boat…

Bunch o’ guys talking about something else…

Bruce explaining to Cynthia Lief about the halibut trawl he plans to set tomorrow…

Bruce impersonating the halibut he hopes to catch tomorrow….

Ruh roh! Truck with tire off the rim, on a beach where it doesn’t belong. The tide is on its way back in and it looks like a local teenager is in a heap o’ trouble…


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6 responses to “Scenes from my neighborhood

  1. holly kellogg

    good morning, my friend! what an evocative post…i feel like i live on the island! henry’s paintings are beautiful! speaking of beautiful? that last photo! home with sick maia today-


  2. fernald244

    Boo hoo for Maia. I hope she starts feeling better. Maybe you and she will check out the newly hatched hummingbird eggs today while snuggling on the couch.
    I feel like you live here too, but just moved away for a while. Come back!!


  3. Susan White

    These pics were great. I love Bruce as a halibut!!! What happened to the truck?


    • fernald244

      Bruce is a pretty goofy guy. I hope he finds a huge halibut on one of those hooks when he hauls it back this afternoon…..
      I think the truck belongs to Cote Hadlock. It was already there when Cynthia and I were walking along the beach. As we went up the road to her house, Roy was coming down the road toward the beach with a back hoe. I’m guessing it got hauled off before the tide came in. Lots of noisy truck action on the roads here last night. Must have been some good “truck rescue celebrating!”


  4. cathy knox

    Hi Barbara, Have you sold the necklace that has the black stones and silver with the clasp you made yourself? It is pictured in the post where you were experimenting with back grounds.


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