The sweetest sound

The weather has been way too nice lately to spend much time in the studio. It has been wonderful to take a break,  get the garden in shape, and take  more walks. Late this afternoon, as we were coming through the woods I heard a sound I’ve been waiting all year to hear. The ethereal song of the Hermit Thrush. It is one of the few sounds that will cause me to stop in the middle of whatever I’m doing, just for the pure joy of listening to its beauty.

Last summer I found a site that would allow me to hear the Hermit Thrush whenever I wanted. There are three other thrush songs to listen to, and an amazing chance to hear the songs played in a slower mode. It is not quite the same as hearing these birds tell me in person that summer is on its way. But it is a pretty cool way to have the next best thing. Check it out!


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4 responses to “The sweetest sound

  1. love the slowed-down one…it sounds sad….i’ve only just started listening (really listening) to birds…right now i’m fascinated by different owls that live near my house…


  2. Susan White

    GREAT SITE. Thanks Barb.


  3. fernald244

    I knew you guys would like them!


  4. This was beautiful. i bookmarked the site too. Thanks


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