My cousin Gail Collier

Just when I haven’t taken any photos to give my blog some energy, I get an e-mail from my cousin, who is an award winning colored pencil artist. She thought I might like to read a blog from Barrington, Illinois (Chicago suburb). She was the featured person in today’s blog. Of course I liked reading it, and I think you will too. Thanks Gail for an interesting look into your life as an artist.  I’m proud to be your cousin. (Though I’m jealous that you got the family dark hair gene and I did not!)

Want to see more of Gail’s work? Click here for a link to her website.


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8 responses to “My cousin Gail Collier

  1. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for linking to our blog. I loved meeting your cousin, Gail. She is so talented and now that I see that truly runs in the family. Best to you with your business and your blog. Have a great week!

    Liz from Barrington


    • fernald244

      Hi Liz,
      Your blog is great, and I loved your piece about Gail. I hope it was okay to use your photos from the blog, since I linked them to you. ( I’m not quite sure about that protocol, so I just assumed it was okay if my source was obvious.) Best to you too with your blog. I have friends moving to Chicago in the fall. I’ll be sure to tell them about it!
      xo Barb


  2. I’m happy you used the photos. No problem there. Please let me know if your friends need a Realtor-contact in Chicago. I sell homes in the city as well as the Northwest Suburbs and I’m happy to be a resource. I look forward to checking out your jewelry! Have a great week and thanks again, Liz


  3. i love seeing your cousin’s work! there’s a nice family resemblance there, even without the dark hair!


  4. Susan White

    Love her incredible work!


  5. Barbara,
    I can’t get over how much you and your cousin resembel each other.
    Having done some work with colored pencils, I am in total AWE!!! her pieces are AMAZING!
    It’s great to see the family resemblance not only in looks, but talent as well.


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