Two-sided oval ring thingy

I made this last month when I was working on some toggle clasps and some fine silver spacer beads. Whenever I work with metal clay, I end up making extra components to have on hand. I might not have a specific design for them at the time, but I’ll get around to figuring out a way to use them. It’s the same with the silver beads I make. One can never have too many extras to choose from.

As I made the piece, and as it sat on my bench waiting for inspiration, I kept thinking about using seed beads for the connecting loops.

Working with the seed beads and trying an asymmetric design for the resulting necklace took me way out of my comfort zone.

But the necklace is not uncomfortable to wear, and I like the mix of handmade silver beads and African glass.

Talk about bead ADD. You should have seen my bench after stringing and restringing this a dozen times or more. What a mess of bead piles!  The next time I make these ovals I will make several. I am planning another necklace with reversible ovals, seed bead loops, and a comfortably repetitious design.


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6 responses to “Two-sided oval ring thingy

  1. This is beautiful. im sure you feel comfortable with it now and have a wider comfort zone. I really like your metal clay. It’s so tempting to try it myself, but i have enough on my plate at present.

    Sure would like to have some silver beads like those!


    • fernald244

      Thank you Anita. Its always good to widen that comfort zone!
      If I ever make silver beads to sell I’ll let you know right away. I love working with metal clay. I used to do a lot of pierced work, but I do most of my silver work with metal clay now. You would probably really like it!


  2. holly kellogg

    YUM! that necklace is beautiful (as is all the new work in the gallery!). love the seed bead connectors….maybe THAT will be the trick to getting multiple ovals to not flip…. the asymmetry =perfect….i have a million sketches of asymmetrical necklace but haven’t made one yet!


    • fernald244

      Thanks Holly. I am working on MC components so I can do more seed bead connectors. They’re kind of fun. I could never sketch an asymmetric necklace. It’s all trial and error with a bench full of beads. Did you book your flight to Indianapolis yet?


  3. not yet….maybe today, since i’ll have some time…


  4. Barbara Condon

    Hi Barbara:

    I check your website often to see what you are up to. I enjoy how you share you life and am inspired by your willingness to share your amazing results. I have a number of your pieces and am always awed by what you do!.


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