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Note to self: NEVER AGAIN put your Argentium wire away, next to your fine silver wire!!    Jeeze what an expensive and frustrating mistake.

After two productive days of making toggle clasps, I had visions of spending some very happy time at my stringing bench. (Where I always keep my Argentium wire…I thought. Its on the other side of the room from my metal clay bench.) I opened the kiln and was shocked to realized that what I thought was fine silver wire had turned black and weak during the 2 hour firing. All of these bits broke off easily from their pieces. There was no resurrecting this mistake.

AArgh! All my own fault too. When I looked at the coils of fine silver wire that I keep by my metal clay bench, I discovered a misplaced coil of Argentium silver in with the fine silver. I had not bothered to read the tag, other than to look at the gauge I wanted. From now on I will never assume that all of the coils of my fine silver wire are not partying with their silent sterling sisters while I am away.  I was sure I had kept them separate….but I should have double checked.

All was not lost, since the 16 gauge wire I used was most definitely fine silver.

But boy, do I hate learning lessons the hard way!


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