Note to self: NEVER AGAIN put your Argentium wire away, next to your fine silver wire!!    Jeeze what an expensive and frustrating mistake.

After two productive days of making toggle clasps, I had visions of spending some very happy time at my stringing bench. (Where I always keep my Argentium wire…I thought. Its on the other side of the room from my metal clay bench.) I opened the kiln and was shocked to realized that what I thought was fine silver wire had turned black and weak during the 2 hour firing. All of these bits broke off easily from their pieces. There was no resurrecting this mistake.

AArgh! All my own fault too. When I looked at the coils of fine silver wire that I keep by my metal clay bench, I discovered a misplaced coil of Argentium silver in with the fine silver. I had not bothered to read the tag, other than to look at the gauge I wanted. From now on I will never assume that all of the coils of my fine silver wire are not partying with their silent sterling sisters while I am away.  I was sure I had kept them separate….but I should have double checked.

All was not lost, since the 16 gauge wire I used was most definitely fine silver.

But boy, do I hate learning lessons the hard way!


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6 responses to “D’oh!

  1. OH NO!!!!!!!
    can you turn the toggle ovals into necklace elements? i don’t know what to offer for the toggle bars…..
    the hooks on the bottom are beautiful, though…


    • fernald244

      Thanks for the moral support, Holly! Yeah, the ovals will hang out for a little while so I can think about what I might do. I could always drill holes and then put a FS jump ring through and fuse it…..

      Alas, the toggle bars…
      But, happy day! We’re going to Vermont with Marly and Angie in September!!


  2. Susan White

    So sorry Barb. Kind of reminds me of how much I learn from my mistakes too…As Chris would say, “Continue to march.” What other choice is there?


  3. jackie haines

    Ugh, I’ve made this mistake too. I hope you find a way to resurrect some of the pmc elements.


    • fernald244

      At the very least I’ll send them back with my scraps for credit. I might think of something to do with some of them yet!


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