Carved Cold Mold

The other day I did this:

So I could make these:

To combine with Lucite flower beads to make these earrings:


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3 responses to “Carved Cold Mold

  1. NICE! did you make those earwires, or buy them?
    also, on an unrelated topic…what the benefit of ice resin over r.g. colores doming resin?


    • fernald244

      Hi Holly,
      I made the earwires. I was in such a hurry to take a photo, with waning natural light, that I didn’t get a good shot of the back. The earwires started as a balled end of Argentium wire.
      Hey, how’s that raw hide mallet?
      I’m going to post a better earring photo, now.
      Oh yeah, the resin. I like the way the Colores domes up, but I have had more consistent good luck with the ICE resin. Sometimes the Colores doesn’t cure properly… ie. tackiness


  2. holly kellogg

    that’s consistently my problem, too. i’m very tacky!


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