Off to Red Dot, then off to Vermont

Here are a few of the pieces I just sent to the Red Dot Gallery in Deer Isle. Now I’m packing for a workshop in Vermont with Celie Fago. It starts Saturday, I can’t wait! Stay tuned for classy classroom shots!


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6 responses to “Off to Red Dot, then off to Vermont

  1. Have a great time at Celie’s class! And have fun with Angie and Marly!!!


    • fernald244

      Hi Ruthie,
      We are having a blast. Angie and Marly will have some stories to tell you when they get back. No heat, low water pressure, etc. But that is just where we are staying. The class is fantastic of course. Congratulations on the great piece in the NYT! So fun to see someone in the MC world getting recognition at that level. I love your work.


  2. lucky red dot!
    how long is that black cord one? oh yeah- you don’t have to answer here because i’ll see you tonight!!!!!


  3. Susan White

    Have a wonderful time!


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