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Small space…

…BIG mess!

No wonder re-entry was tough when I faced a studio that looked like this. It IS a very small room ( 8′ x 10′),  and when I work I sometimes have to put things on top of things while I am using them. If only I would put it all away at the end of the day. But I keep thinking, “I’ll get right back to it…I might need it again….I’ll forget about it if I can’t see it…”

At this level it is no longer conducive to work. I have piled up enough stuff that I can no longer see what’s on the bottom.

So, I avoided the whole deal for a few more days by drilling rocks, in the basement, where I have my drill press set up. I have finally trained myself to listen to books on CD, so drilling rocks in the basement is much more entertaining than it sounds. It is both meditative and exciting as I think of how I might use each stone. And,  I’ve finished two books already.

These lovelies made me want to clean up the studio so I could get to work on some fine silver beads to go with them. I have much to do to get ready for a November trunk show in Greenwich and two craft fairs in December.

Along with cleaning up I also needed to reorganize tools, to incorporate some new ones among them, to find room to store the new supplies for all of the tear-away texture sheets I plan to make, (ie. where to put all those packages of Studio Sculpey that is being discontinued in December and the pasta machine), and to find a place to store my oil paints and brushes until winter brings more time to use them.

I can not concentrate on a book while sorting through so many little details. Disco is my aural motivator. Burn baby burn!

As one friend said when she first saw my (tidy) studio, “Wow, you pack a lot in here!”  And for now, I know where it all is.


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