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I can’t drive through Freeport…

…without stopping to pick up something at the Beadin’ Path. On my trip back to Maine on Monday I had just enough time for a 30 minute stop at my favorite bead store. I have more patinas to try from Miss Ficklemedia, so I picked up a few more copper and brass pieces to work with.

I also scored some more raku beads made by Keith O’Connor. I can’t wait to make more silver beads of my own to go with these. I chose the darker colors to mix with some beach rocks and silver.

I thought these vintage glass “nail head” beads were interesting. They remind me of mica. At 10mm they will be a handy size to mix with a variety of beads I have on hand.

These German glass lamp work beads are 40mm long and 10mm wide between the tapers. I’m not sure how I will use them, but I thought they were pretty cool.

I’m always on the lookout for interesting freshwater pearls. Keshi pearls, like these, are pearls that grow without a nucleus.

The Labradorite  beads below were my favorite find on this trip. They were pretty expensive and there were just two strands left. I was only going to buy one strand, but the schiller effect (light refraction) in these beads was especially nice, and I really liked the shape. The graduated sizes will give me more options too.  I had several ideas in mind for these, so at the last minute I added the second strand to my purchase.

Now all I want to do is get to work!  Though I have two days off  the island on my schedule this week, so that means less studio time until the weekend. C’est la vie, eh?


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