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In yesterday’s mail…

…these sweet little ceramic beads I ordered from LeAnn Weih at Summers Studio. LeAnn and I are blogging buddies. She makes ceramic beads and pendants, and also works with bronze clay. I especially love her birds and I finally got around to ordering some from her.  There’s nothing like knowing you won’t be able to get something, to make you want it even more. I scored the last three birds LeAnn had in her Etsy shop. (LeAnn is about to move and her Etsy shop will be open again when she is settled in her new home.)

LeAnn’s beads look even better in person, and I really like the extra detail she puts into her packaging.

Having opened the box yesterday, at the end of a very tiring off-island day, I only looked long enough to admire the beads but then went on to fix dinner. I didn’t look any closer because I knew I would be checking them out in my studio this morning. When I took the beads out of their box this morning…surprise!

LeAnn had included an unexpected little collection of green/blue beads. How did she know these colors were my favorite?                    THANKS LEANN!!!

Up I went to the studio, to deal with a bead table that looked like this:

I ended the day with a much tidier workbench, several pairs of finished earrings and some necklaces I hope to finish tonight.

Since I have linked this blog to my FaceBook page, I noticed that the thumbnail photo that shows up on FB  is the last one I post on my blog. So, instead of advertising my messy workspace, I’ll end the blog post with this raven who watched me as I walked by this morning in the fog.


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