Beach rock brooch in silver

Alone Moose Gallery , where I have my work in Bar Harbor, is celebrating their 36th year of business with a show.

“36 Brooches…Made in Maine” will open on Saturday, and I wanted to be part of it as soon as I heard Sherry Rasmussen’s plans for the show last winter. Did I design and make a brooch last winter? Um, no. I am a last minute girl who needs the pressure of a deadline for just about everything I do. (Hmmm…no wonder I like living on an island with a ferry schedule to follow.)

When Sherry e-mailed me last week asking if I was still going to participate in the show, I figured I’d better get going. I actually had been thinking about this brooch for a while, but just couldn’t come up with a design until I sat down at the bench with my metal clay. Since beach rocks are a part of my everyday life, I decided to go in that direction.

The brooch is slightly  heavy; probably more suited to being worn on a sweater or jacket. The pin findings are soldered on, but the two smaller rocks were attached and fired in place in the kiln.

I like the shape of this elongated beach rock, so I decided to explore it a little more.




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14 responses to “Beach rock brooch in silver

  1. Susan White

    A beautiful piece Barb!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hey, that was quick! Were you watching the Bruins game? Nice to see that cup come back to Boston after 39 years! I hope my Canadian friends, who arrive on Friday, are not big hockey fans!


  2. oooooo! are the other two brooches also?


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks, Holly. Yes, they are. next time I’ll try the fired-in-place catch for the pin stem. Soldering on a curved piece of PMC….oy. No fun for me! But the rest was a lot of fun.


  3. Donna

    What she said. Ooooooooooooo!


  4. LeAnn



  5. We watched the Bruins game with our friend who is a Boston native and lifelong Bruins fan. Watching his face as he counted down the final seconds to the game was hilarious. Seeing the unbridled joy on the face of a mid-40s man was priceless!


  6. LOVE all three of these brooches! Just beautiful! We’ll have to wander down to the Alone Moose Gallery tomorrow morning to see your work in person. How exciting!
    And as far as hockey goes…um…we had no idea that there was a big game yesterday…until we heard reports on CBC about the “hooligans” in Vancouver. It’s not cool to get so stressed out over a game eh?..even if it is hockey!!! Sounds like it was time for Boston to win!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks M and A! If you wander down to Alone Moose, you might have to do it on foot. The road (West Street) is closed to traffic on the section where Alone Moose is. I had to park farther away and walk in to drop off my brooches today.
      I’m glad you won’t be in mourning for the losing team!


  7. I love the brooch, but I also love the texture on the other ones!


  8. Beautiful. Great job. I love all three. Now if only more people wore brooches……


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