Sunday picnic on Baker’s Island

It was a sunny beautiful day with just enough breeze to keep the mosquitos away, but not so much that it kept us from taking Angie and Marly to one of our favorite places.

Waiting at the Co-op for Bruce to pick us up in the Barbara Ann.

It was a little choppy and the skiff is small so Bruce rowed us in to shore one at a time.

Lunch on the “Dancing Rocks” after a walk across the island.

Bye bye Baker’s.

Tomorrow is a day for bronze clay and bread.


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5 responses to “Sunday picnic on Baker’s Island

  1. Lovely. Quintessential Maine.


  2. holly

    gosh i love those dancing rocks….i think i could live there! looks like you have beautiful weather! can’t wait to see what you made today!!!! love to all three (4, including bruce!) of you!!!


    • Barb Fernald

      I think you did live there once. In our past life as sisters. We have had beautiful weather and days full of laughing and creating. Today was bread day for Angie and Marly. Then we played with bronze and copper clay. I felt confused and stumped like I had never worked with the base metal clay before. However, this newer version of Hadar’s powders mixes even more easily than the original and it feels smooth, almost like PMC. Angie has a beautiful bronze cuff bracelet that I would like to try to make. Then Bruce brought in crabs which we picked to make crab cakes. After dinner we looked for rocks to make silicone molds of them. Tomorrow is the last day of their visit. We will fire bronze and copper, visit Ashley Bryan, go to the beach for more rocks, possibly do some heat patinas and take silly solstice photos after dinner. We miss you miss you miss you!


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