Celebrating the solstice

In which Barb and her friends Angie and Marly watch the longest day of the year come to an end at the Islesford Dock.



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9 responses to “Celebrating the solstice

  1. All these photos made me smile! What a happy celebration!


  2. holly

    love these pics!!!! what time did that sun finally set on the longest day of the year, way out east? did you balance an egg?


  3. LeAnn

    Wonderful happy photos. That was such a great way to watch the end of the longest day.


  4. Love the photos! Especially the shadows! Fun!


  5. Fantastic! There’s nothing better than good friends and a sunny day.


  6. Sally

    I love the pix of your shadows on the wall. Stunning color w/ the sun going down.


  7. Great photos! I see that M and A were being their usual serious selves! Looks like you all had fun together.


  8. Sally

    For Holly: What does balancing an egg do/mean? (Besides arguing that having a dog helps clean up.)


    • holly

      supposedly, on the solstice you can balance an egg on it’s round end-i’ve never tried, but it sounds like some the the shenanigans these 3 might have been involved with!


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