Lobsterman = Pizzaman

All that was left…

It was not a lobster pizza, but it had homemade sausage, made by a lobsterman and his son!


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11 responses to “Lobsterman = Pizzaman

  1. Jonatha

    How often does it hit the ceiling?! Looks very professional.


    • Barb Fernald

      Zsash! He didn’t drop it or hit the ceiling. (Though part of the ceiling looks like it was hit with flour because of some paint patches. Ceiling needs a repaint. ) How’s life on the west coast? When does Megan leave for school? Isn’t this her first year at Parsons coming up?


  2. LeAnn

    What talent! I’ve always wanted to be able to do that.


  3. Jonatha

    Hey Barb! The west coast is blissfully cool. The first cool, wet summer I’ve experienced here and I’m actually enjoying it! Megan leaves for NYC 8/18. Yikes! She is very excited and we are excited for her. Sounds like you’re having a usual, hectic albeit hot summer in Islesford. Been thinking of you and the wedding coming up. Exciting times!
    Say hi to any Colliers you see along the way. Love to all!


  4. Is this your man? And he can flip a pizza dough!?! And he made you fresh, homemade, sausage pizza!?! Oh, you blessed, blessed woman!


    • Barb Fernald

      That’s my man of 32 years tomorrow! Yes, I am truly blessed. We are very happy. Both of our sons like to cook too. On a small island cooking = entertainment a lot of the time. Unlike you, I have not lost weight or stopped eating sugar! Good girl. You need to stay healthy. My thoughts are with you. Solution to be found soon!


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