Bird Show was a success!

It was a rainy Sunday, so it was also a fine day to be indoors looking at the work of several island artists and their various birds.  My friend Jim Bright sold all but one of his bird carvings. I didn’t check with Rick before I left, to see how his paintings were selling. They sure looked beautiful.

Several people would have bought this woodcock carving. Unfortunately NFS






Potential buyers eyeing Rick’s paintings:

Our very own island postmaster, Joy Sprague, had some fabulous photographs, taken right from her window at the P.O.

Karen Smallwood sold almost all of her paintings. Sweet little acrylics, mounted on birchbark and easels. I snagged one right away!

I had a fun time thinking about birds and finding ways to make bird beads. The silver flat beads were a familiar technique for me, though I had not made them in a bird shape before.

It was the decision to make bird beads from bronze and copper clay that stretched my creativity a little more and re-familiarized me with the base metal clays. The bronze birds came out of the kiln in that fun green color.

I polished them to see how they would change, and because I happen to really like their golden bronze color. I like how the green patina stayed inside the eyes, though.

I think I had the most fun putting the little copper birds in a nest made of a domed silver disc and coiled bronze wire with a needle felted inner nest. Perhaps not too practical for earrings, but all of these guys could be taken apart and used differently. As far as what I would wear of these, it would be the simplest pair. The bronze birds without any markings other than the patterns from my fingerprints.



I sold 2 necklaces, saw a whole lot of friends, more than I could get a chance to talk to, and then left early because I had an appointment for a massage. Tra la la!

I almost forgot. What is a bird show without bird cookies as part of the refreshments?

Bruce helped me decorate them.

Post massage, and after dinner, I was once again in the kitchen making bread and muffins to donate to the Islesford Fair tomorrow. So much activity for such a tiny place.


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10 responses to “Bird Show was a success!

  1. LeAnn

    Your birds are all lovely. They came out so well. I have never had pieces of bronze come out all green before. Spots of green but never all over. Extraordinary.


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks LeAnn. I don’t rely on the green showing up. I liked how it looked on the birds. Maybe it’s my aged humid charcoal that has been sitting around the basement for a long time!
      I liked working with the bronze clay again.


  2. It’s so much fun to be able to picture where your island events are taking place and to recognize landmarks and people! We can imagine all of you having fun yesterday in Karen and Hugh’s beautiful home! Love your silver bird necklaces and bronze and copper bird earrings. So much fun! Glad you’re enjoying copper and bronze! Lucy the Loon and Goosey the Duck would love to meet the birdie in the little needle felted nest. Maybe birdie could come for a canoe ride! And by the way, we are officially addicted to Bananagrams! We think of you each time we play it! Miss you!


    • Barb Fernald

      I miss you guys too. Cool that you recognized Karen and Hugh’s house. The earrings are heavy, but I’ll use the beads and nests for something else. I sense some fierce competition in Banagrams the next time we get together.
      Holly and I signed up for Celie’s polymer bracelet workshop at the end of September. Did you guys?


      • An international Bananagrams tournament! Perfect! Take two!
        The polymer bracelet workshop sounds great! That’s the weekend of the local studio tour that we are a part of this year! But we’re happy that you and Holly get to spend another creative September weekend in Vermont together! We’ll look forward to hearing all about it!


  3. I love the birds so much! They are really fun and sweet!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Roberta! I had fun making them. It’s pretty freeing to try something new. I had to laugh at one of my friends who said she wouldn’t wear bird nest earrings because she had a weird fear of birds. I said, “You mean like some people have a fear of clowns or cats?” Exactly, she said. I probably wouldn’t wear bird nest earrings just because they are odd. But I sure had a good time with them in my studio.


  4. holly kellogg

    sweet! i love that felted nest!


    • Barb Fernald

      I ended up with several felted nests. I liked making them. Can’t wait to learn some new polymer tricks with you. There WILL be life after the wedding! How’s summer?


  5. Do you still have the bird earrings with the blue beads – I might be interested! :) I think you’ll get my email with this comment if you can let me know . . .


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