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The commuter boat was wet

at 6:45 this morning. I didn’t care because I was on my way to a workshop weekend. A long anticipated trip. As the boat rounded Rice’s Point, in the fog,

Bear Island appeared as if it were a watercolor backdrop.

The effect lasted only a moment.



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Heading to Vermont

I’m off in the morning for a 4 day class with Celie Fago in Bethel, Vermont. I’ll meet up with my friend Holly Kellogg to stay at the home of friends Donna and Henry  Isaacs. So much opportunity to be surrounded by art and creativity. I can’t wait! After the busy weeks before and after Robin and Stephanie’s wedding, and after supporting my mom as she recovered in the hospital, I am ready and more than excited to be restoring some depleted creative energy.

The workshop will be making bracelets using polymer clay, and some metal clay. Below are photos of Celie’s work as samples of the techniques we will learn.


It’s supposed to be a drizzly weekend in Vermont. I doubt I’ll even notice the weather.

Below are more earrings from my patina experiments. Copper metal clay headpins with verdigris patina. I’m having a blast exploring alternatives to using silver. These earrings remind me of something from a Dr. Seuss book. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’m looking forward to more work with the base metal clays and how well they accept patinas.

Time to pack!



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Seems like long ago…

…that I took my trip to Patina-ville.

Before the wedding, and before my mother fell and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, I actually made some earrings with these pieces. It was quite satisfying to be using my own patina-ted components. At that time, I ordered more patina colors from Miss Ficklemedia. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but looking back at this work has me looking forward to more visits to the land of patina. (And less visits to the hospital. Mom is back in her apartment as of today. Yay!)

Front and back


Front and back




Pretty darn satisfying to make my own beads from copper clay, and see them come to life with added patina.



Silver was much lower in price when I discovered Shannon LeVart’s work at Miss Ficklemedia. I started combining her patinated copper beads as an accent to my own silver beads. With silver staying around $4o an ounce, I am looking for more ways to use silver as an accent to my own patinated  copper and brass pieces.




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One day at a time



So, the wedding was great and now that it’s over my life should be getting back to normal. But my mother is still in the hospital, and when I didn’t go off island to see her today she called in tears at 5 p.m. asking me where I was. She didn’t remember that I told her yesterday, when I was there, that I had to stay home today to get some work done. My plans to finish up the work tomorrow have now become plans to see her in the afternoon. She is scheduled to be discharged on Tuesday if all goes well. Two weeks in the hospital has left her a little more confused. I think she’ll be making much better progress when she is back in her own assisted living apartment. I think I’ll be making better progress in the studio when she is back in her assisted living apartment, among the wonderful staff who are also her friends. (I have a studio?)

Meanwhile here is a most excellent little mushroom that was growing, before the wedding, in the front yard of Mom’s little house on Islesford. It’s so perfect it looks fake.

And here are some clouds, from last week, that are real but look fake.



Right now, normal seems fake.



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A pretty wonderful wedding
















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Premarital photos

Our son Robin and his lovely bride Stephanie have been married for less than a week. But one week ago, the preparations for a perfect day were under way.



Off to find local flowers with my sisters-in-law, Vicky and Karen.


Vicky used to have her own florist shop. Can you tell?  Vicky and Meg put arrangements together quickly. I was a little slower with mine, but they all ended up looking great!

My three guys. The groom is the one on the left.




Best man and maid of honor discuss their toasts for the wedding.





Rehearsal dinner.


Sails to diffuse the fluorescent lights overhead, at the Islesford Neighborhood House.

Cooking up lobsters.


Robin and Stephanie, the bride and groom, in the center. Hillary and Fritz, their twin siblings, are the maid of honor and the best man.



Fritz and Meg



Mother of the bride and father of the groom.


Tim and Cathy, Stephanie’s parents.







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Something soothing…

…to look at in the busy last few days before Robin and Stephanie get married. All is going smoothly, including the cooperative track taken by Hurricane Katia.  The weather report looks good for a sunny day on Saturday. I wish my mother could make it to the wedding, but it looks doubtful now. She fell last night and broke 3 ribs. Ouch.



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‘Twas an odd little day…

…in which my sister-in-law Karen and I conquered balling up 400 olive cheese puffs to be cooked and served (among other foods) at Robin and Stephanie’s rehearsal dinner in exactly one week…

…in which both the sun and moon were unusually tiny at 7 p.m….

…and in which Henry did a magic trick for the Plein Air Painting Workshop by switching his own head onto someone else’s body…

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