Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

One day at a time



So, the wedding was great and now that it’s over my life should be getting back to normal. But my mother is still in the hospital, and when I didn’t go off island to see her today she called in tears at 5 p.m. asking me where I was. She didn’t remember that I told her yesterday, when I was there, that I had to stay home today to get some work done. My plans to finish up the work tomorrow have now become plans to see her in the afternoon. She is scheduled to be discharged on Tuesday if all goes well. Two weeks in the hospital has left her a little more confused. I think she’ll be making much better progress when she is back in her own assisted living apartment. I think I’ll be making better progress in the studio when she is back in her assisted living apartment, among the wonderful staff who are also her friends. (I have a studio?)

Meanwhile here is a most excellent little mushroom that was growing, before the wedding, in the front yard of Mom’s little house on Islesford. It’s so perfect it looks fake.

And here are some clouds, from last week, that are real but look fake.



Right now, normal seems fake.



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