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Premarital photos

Our son Robin and his lovely bride Stephanie have been married for less than a week. But one week ago, the preparations for a perfect day were under way.



Off to find local flowers with my sisters-in-law, Vicky and Karen.


Vicky used to have her own florist shop. Can you tell?  Vicky and Meg put arrangements together quickly. I was a little slower with mine, but they all ended up looking great!

My three guys. The groom is the one on the left.




Best man and maid of honor discuss their toasts for the wedding.





Rehearsal dinner.


Sails to diffuse the fluorescent lights overhead, at the Islesford Neighborhood House.

Cooking up lobsters.


Robin and Stephanie, the bride and groom, in the center. Hillary and Fritz, their twin siblings, are the maid of honor and the best man.



Fritz and Meg



Mother of the bride and father of the groom.


Tim and Cathy, Stephanie’s parents.







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