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45 minutes of a foggy morning…

…Islesford to Great Cranberry to Sutton Island to Northeast Harbor. It was hard to carry on a conversation with all of the foggy sky changes. Those of us who are compelled to take pictures kept interrupting to turn around for another photo op…. I’m sorry, what did you say?

IMGP5083 IMGP5085 IMGP5086 IMGP5087 IMGP5088 - Version 2 IMGP5090 IMGP5091 IMGP5095 IMGP5098  IMGP5101 IMGP5103 IMGP5106(These photos are in sequence. The weather continued to change around like this for the rest of the day, whether you were on the island or the mainland.)


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The commuter boat was wet

at 6:45 this morning. I didn’t care because I was on my way to a workshop weekend. A long anticipated trip. As the boat rounded Rice’s Point, in the fog,

Bear Island appeared as if it were a watercolor backdrop.

The effect lasted only a moment.



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So many days have started out looking like this:

Which makes this squeegee a popular item on the mail boat. It’s the answer to a wet wooden bench seat.


On this Thursday boat ride, Cap’t. Rick watched the radar closely as the captain in training made his way through the fog.

Fortunately, many of the foggy days have looked like this by afternoon.

All eyes are on the weekend weather and whether we’ll get rain and wind from Irene.


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One morning in Maine

As in yesterday morning, which started out incredibly foggy and then became clear before noon. Not bothering to look through the view finder (it was a quick walk and the mosquitos were starting to gather), I held my camera low to take a random shot of fog droplets on the grass.


As a photo on its own, it doesn’t interest me much in color or composition. But when I crop it down to a small section, the pattern of drops gives me some ideas for metal clay work this afternoon. Camera as sketchbook.





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