45 minutes of a foggy morning…

…Islesford to Great Cranberry to Sutton Island to Northeast Harbor. It was hard to carry on a conversation with all of the foggy sky changes. Those of us who are compelled to take pictures kept interrupting to turn around for another photo op…. I’m sorry, what did you say?

IMGP5083 IMGP5085 IMGP5086 IMGP5087 IMGP5088 - Version 2 IMGP5090 IMGP5091 IMGP5095 IMGP5098  IMGP5101 IMGP5103 IMGP5106(These photos are in sequence. The weather continued to change around like this for the rest of the day, whether you were on the island or the mainland.)


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8 responses to “45 minutes of a foggy morning…

  1. That is some awfully thick fog! I find it amazing how weather can change in a day (or an instant in this case). Looks like your day ended well!


  2. Great pics Barb…Fog was in and out here all day..and still blowing as I write..


  3. Fog changes how everything looks doesn’t it?


  4. holly

    i love fog.


  5. These are incredibly gorgeous. I love our “white rainbow”!


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