Something soothing…

…to look at in the busy last few days before Robin and Stephanie get married. All is going smoothly, including the cooperative track taken by Hurricane Katia.  The weather report looks good for a sunny day on Saturday. I wish my mother could make it to the wedding, but it looks doubtful now. She fell last night and broke 3 ribs. Ouch.



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10 responses to “Something soothing…

  1. Jonatha

    Oh no! So sorry about Aunt Bobbi’s fall! Give her my love. Keep looking at soothing scenery! Will be thinking of you all!


  2. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s fall, Barb.
    It sounds like a great day for the wedding, and you’re so wise to look at calmness right now. Sending love and prayers!


  3. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s fall! We wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you this week as you do final preparations for the wedding.
    The island must be buzzing! Our best wishes to Robin and Stephanie! Have fun and enjoy every moment!


  4. LeAnn

    Oh, dear, that was quite a fall. Best wishes for Robin and Stephanie and continued smooth sailing with the wedding preparation.


  5. I am sorry about your mom’s fall. I hope she heals quickly. Enjoy your lovely weekend. The weather will be perfect I am quite sure.


  6. Lynn Leighton

    So sorry to hear about your Mum Barb! Hope everything else goes smoothly. How exciting, an Island wedding! Looking forward to seeing the photographs.
    Lynn xxxx


  7. Oh, that is soothing! I like it! So glad the wedding plans are moving full-steam ahead. Hope your mom heals quickly.


  8. Susan White

    Oh Barb, I have been listening to the weather all week and so glad the weekend will be nice for the wedding. We are both so sorry to hear about your mom. Will get a card off to her. Sending calm thoughts your way…a Calgon thought or two! xo


  9. Susan F.

    ~Positive vibes for your mother’s thorough and timely recovery~


  10. Lisa Luke

    Hi Barb, so sorry to hear about your mom’s fall!! Wishing you many more days of calmness. Lots of love and we’ll be thinking of you, and eagerly awaiting pictures!


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