Seems like long ago…

…that I took my trip to Patina-ville.

Before the wedding, and before my mother fell and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, I actually made some earrings with these pieces. It was quite satisfying to be using my own patina-ted components. At that time, I ordered more patina colors from Miss Ficklemedia. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but looking back at this work has me looking forward to more visits to the land of patina. (And less visits to the hospital. Mom is back in her apartment as of today. Yay!)

Front and back


Front and back




Pretty darn satisfying to make my own beads from copper clay, and see them come to life with added patina.



Silver was much lower in price when I discovered Shannon LeVart’s work at Miss Ficklemedia. I started combining her patinated copper beads as an accent to my own silver beads. With silver staying around $4o an ounce, I am looking for more ways to use silver as an accent to my own patinated  copper and brass pieces.




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5 responses to “Seems like long ago…

  1. Wow, they are all fantastic Barb! I want to get into the bronze/copper clay thing, too, but I need someone to add about 20 hours to my day first!


  2. holly

    great earrings!!!
    it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing BRACELETS here!!!


  3. LeAnn

    These are great and do inspire me to get out the patina and even sheet metal again. I think that accenting with silver works really well with these patinaned pieces.


  4. These are all just lovely. Glad to hear about your mom as well!


  5. I just love those little bird earrings!


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