Lucky with Irene

We lost power on the island for 36 hours, and had some rain and more wind than we usually get at this time of year, but Irene took a track inland to the west of us and we only had a few small trees and branches come down on the island. Without power, we had no internet, and so I didn’t post anything to let friends know we were all doing fine.

A few people were getting grouchy on day 2, without power, but for the most part we are well served by the Bangor Hydroelectric Company. They have come out to the island, by boat, in some pretty dicey weather in the fall, winter, and spring to make sure the islands did not have to go too long without power. It was probably our turn to stand near the end of the service line as there were so many others in the state with far worse problems than ours.

Anyway, all is well and  Bruce and I are counting down the days to our son’s wedding on September 10th. There is still a lot to do, so I’ll post a few photos of the fog burning off last Friday morning as I took the mailboat off the island to get provisions before the storm. The I’ll get to work on my long list for today.


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10 responses to “Lucky with Irene

  1. holly k

    Beautiful…glad you’ve got power back…we’re hoping to get ours back today (fingers crossed)


  2. Jonatha

    Glad you only lost power for a bit. Megan survived Irene with no effects but she was outside the evacuation zone The Luke’s had it much worse, but they are faring better than many of their New Jersey neighbors. They only lost power for a couple of days and had a generator to keep the sump pump going. No trees down. Thinking of you as the days count down to 9/10/11!


    • Barb Fernald

      Zsash, it is turning into a very quick countdown! Bruce is hoping we don’t get any bad weather from Katya. I just figure we’ll deal with whatever, as long as everyone gets here. It’s going to be fun, but right now I keep worrying about what I might be forgetting…
      Glad to hear Megan was okay. How are YOU doing without her around?


  3. Glad you weathered thecstorm. I hope Irene didn’t scare the lobsters away! Beautiful photos, and justvwhat I need as we enter yet another triple-digit temp today.


    • Barb Fernald

      Sometimes those storms with high seas scare the traps away! With so much warning, a lot of the guys moved their traps out of areas that would be rough. Some were even brought ashore. In the end, it was a mild storm, for us. Meanwhile, we have friends in Connecticut who are still without power.
      Hey, I hope those triple digits are referring to your outdoor temperature, and that you have NO more fever!


  4. LeAnn

    Good to hear that all is well. I’ve thought a lot about all of my blog friends scattered up and down the cost. I love fog!


    • Barb Fernald

      Yeah, we’ve had many worse storms in the winter. I hope you made out okay. Did your tomato plant survive?
      I love this blogging community of artists and friends.


  5. Glad you’re safe! Beautiful photos!


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