3:30 boat ride on Monday

I came home from the craft fair a day later than expected. I ended up meeting my mother in the ER on Sunday instead of having a nice little lunch with her at her apartment. She has a rather remarkable deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) that extends the length of her left leg. She is still unable to put weight on her right leg, as the broken fibula is taking its time to heal. It looks like she’ll be in the hospital for a week or more, so off I go today on the 11:30 boat to spend more time with her. It gets pretty lonely and scary and confusing for a tiny little 86 year old woman who is stuck in the hospital. I’m so fortunate to have good friends to stay with off island, and a pretty incredible view to look at on my commutes back home.



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7 responses to “3:30 boat ride on Monday

  1. Hope your mother’s leg keeps healing well. She is lucky to have you to be there for her. Hugs!


  2. Susan White

    Sending good wishes and love to you both. Hugs, Susan


  3. holly

    oohhhh BOY. poor mom. thank goodness they found the clot, and i suppose they’re doing something to break it up…love and prayers and good wishes to both of you…..
    it’s too bad january isn’t july…i haven’t seen you in the longest time….


  4. All good wishes for your Mom’s speedy recovery and to all of you this holiday season. I love your blog and get inspired by it


  5. Beautiful photo – so sorry to hear about you Mom – I hope she gets better soon!


  6. Stevie

    Barb, so sorry to hear about your mom. She’s had a rough go lately (you also!).


  7. gail grandgent

    Wish I could be home for you to stop by if need be, you could stay here some night if you wanted to, we’re close to the hospital. So sorry your Mom has to be going thru this, and you with her. It’s a pretty cozy hospital, and the nurses are generally responsive to a friendly little ol’ lady, at least they were to mine.
    Nice photo. Love, G


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