Penguins and Peeps

Two extremes of culinary effort for the pot luck “Santa Supper” tonight at the Neighborhood House.

Okay, I confess. I’m responsible for the Peeps. But I also brought a tossed green salad with pears, scallions, yellow peppers, dried cranberries and homemade croutons, so at least there was effort in one of my contributions.

Before dinner, we were treated to a performance of “Frosty the Snowman.”

After dinner we sang songs and waited and waited for Santa to arrive.


Everyone was super excited to see Santa, but 3 year old Johnny went back to thank Santa and give him a big hug. Then he went back a third time to talk with Santa about how much he liked his gift.

Good times in a small island town.


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3 responses to “Penguins and Peeps

  1. I love the penguins! Olives, cream cheese & salmon? So cute! I may need to make these for my New Years Eve party. Love the looks on the faces of the adults surrounding Santa.


  2. LOVE those penguins! They made me smile! :)


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