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Look what came in the mail today!

I wish I could find glass like this from a simple walk on the beach. Thick, rounded, and well tumbled by sea and rocks; matching the size and shape of the beach rocks I love to collect. But, I might take 4 walks on the beach and only come up with one piece like this in either a white or sea foam green. Most of the glass around here is a spearmint green, or brown, and much thinner, and less well tumbled. None of the pieces in my necklace from yesterday have a smooth rounded shape, even though I’m still happy with how it came out.

Check out these beauties. I could look at them for hours.

Lucky for me there are collectors in England who have a chance to visit the beaches along the northeast coast, near where old (1800’s) glass bottle factories would collect glass waste at the end of the day and hurl it off the cliffs into the North Sea. Most of these pieces are at least 100 years old.

And they are the perfect size, shape and color for some new necklaces I have in mind.

Looks like I better order some fresh drill bits and get to work.



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