Art? is everywhere

Most days, after spending a day off island and catching the 3:30 boat home, I walk into the house around 4:15.  My routine is to put away whatever groceries I purchased, start to make dinner, listen to phone messages, then sit down to have a cup of tea while checking e-mail, FaceBook, and blogs. In considering a post for my own blog after an off-island day (especially a day where I have not managed to pull out my camera) I am sometimes faced with the choice of posting nothing or posting something kind of lame.

A few months ago, on a snowless winter walk,  something caught my eye.  I took a photo and saved it, just in case I needed it for a day such as this.


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6 responses to “Art? is everywhere

  1. holly



  2. Kathleen Lake



  3. Cool, in a creepy sort of way. Or creepy, in a cool sort of way?


  4. I agree with Susan!


  5. Sally

    Do you suppose he got splashed in the face by whatever was in the can? Beer can, not Coke? (That sign looks like it’s on a cross road “down the street” from me?)


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