Work headed to Alone Moose

My friends Sherry and Ivan Rasmussen are opening their gallery  Alone Moose tomorrow at noon. This is their  37th season in Bar Harbor. They have one of the best collections of work I have ever seen. Not to be missed! When you go to Bar Harbor be sure to check out all of the changes going on on West Street as you head over to the gallery. My little beach rocks are in very good company at Alone Moose!


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4 responses to “Work headed to Alone Moose

  1. You make it very difficult to pick a favorite…..but, I believe the first one is just STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Patti! Each one ends up being different depending on the rocks I have drilled and how many silver rock beads I have on hand.


  2. Barbara Condon

    Gorgeous as usual. You have a great eye for beauty Barbara. I love the first and the third one!~ Have a great summer~!


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