Copper beads

The results of more scratch form texture plates. I can’t wait to try some different patinas on these. But this has been one crazy week so far and it’s only half over.

Copper beads before firing:

Beads after firing and after tumbling:

I like the rich brown color of these without doing anything to change the patina., but I also used a polishing pad to see what would happen:

I’m anxious to try some verdigris patina and some russet red on these babies. Currently, all of my supplies are in little piles scattered through the basement. Bruce is building a new bench for me in my basement studio so I’ll have room for a second torch for some glass/enamel work. Right now all of my soldering, rock drilling and patina applying activities are on hold.

I like the primitive look of this little design I made on the scratch foam. I can’t wait to make a necklace using these beads.



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8 responses to “Copper beads

  1. Wow! These are just beautiful! I so admire your work!


  2. dang, sister! you are making that material WORK for you! i think i might pack up the rest of those sheets and bring them in august because you’re doing much better with the material than i am….these are awesome-love the dark brown before polishing!!!!


    • Barb Fernald

      Hey, thanks! You gave me a s***load of scratch foam, so hang on to yours. I think I’ve used all of 1 sheet so far. We’ll make sure to do some copper and bronze when you are here. Unofficial start of summer this weekend as tons of people arrive on the island for Memorial day.


  3. They are beautiful Barb! Can’t wait to see a necklace!


    • Barb Fernald

      THanks Sue. More beads to make before a necklace. Hmmm…those earth tone orphans I just got from you would look good with some copper beads…..


  4. You’re making me really want to try copper clay :) You’ve truly mastered it!


    • Barb Fernald

      Thanks Susan. Far from mastering it yet. But I am pretty happy with how the scratch foam is working out on copper! I’ve only used Hadar’s powders. There are so many different base metal clays out there and so many different ideas about firing it. I still prefer silver….


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