Something new to me

I signed up for the 8/11 reveal and just learned that my Bead Soup partner is B.R. Kuhlman of Mixed Mayhem Studios. Some of her cool pieces are below:


B has participated in the Bead Soup Blog Party  3 other times and she tells me it’s a blast. The rule is to send your partner an unusual clasp and focal bead. They don’t have to be made by you but they should be nice ones like you would like to receive yourself as a cool surprise! You also add other beads to be used with the focal and clasp in a piece or pieces to be made by your BSBP Partner.  Your partner doesn’t have to use all the beads you send, but she gets to keep them, and vice versa.

As I got back to work today, I kept putting little bits and pieces aside to send to B by the end of the week. Some of them will be metal clay pieces I’ve made. Other will be some special beads I have in my stash. It gives me a new way of looking at my same old same old stash. Suddenly it has brightness and energy again. There is new life in looking to send something you hope will really please your partner. I can’t wait to see what you do with the batch I send to you B! (Though we’ll have to wait until August 11….)


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4 responses to “Something new to me

  1. I positively adore all the beads you sent! I know we’re not required to use all of them, but I am hell bent on doing so. They’re just so lovely, and I felt so inspired I couldn’t help myself!


    • Barb Fernald

      Yay! I’m so glad you like them. This bead soup party is such a fun way to look at what I have on hand, through fresh eyes. I really enjoyed going through my stash and picking them out for you. Please don’t feel like you have to use them all!


  2. mixedmayhem

    I positively adore all the beads you sent! They are so lovely. I know you’re not required to use up all of them, but I am hell bent on doing so. I was just so inspired when I delved into the packages that I couldn’t help myself!


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