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Happy 4th of July

On our little island the Neighborhood House Association has been putting on a July 4th picnic since 1976. It’s usually held in the Town Field, looking out across the harbor. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and when it’s too cold or wet, the activity stays right at the Neighborhood House. Many thanks go to the board members and the volunteers who make this a fun picnic. It’s a chance to catch up with people you haven’t seen since last year and to eat some barbecued chicken, ┬áhot dogs, or lobster.

The decision to keep everything at the Neighborhood House occurred around 10 a.m. when it started to sprinkle.

By noon, when food was served, things were hoppin’.

Most people volunteer for 2 jobs, like making a dessert and serving food. Last night I made cookies and today I helped set up the grills and then cooked 25 lbs of hot dogs. Woo hoo! I might eat two hot dogs all year long, and this picnic is one of those occasions.


The demand for hot dogs was steady, so I had little time to take photos. But I did catch our head photographer and raffle caller extraordinaire in his Fourth of July finest.

When I came home, ready to do something quiet, I took a moment to appreciate how nice my perennials look on the 4th of July, regardless of the weather.


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