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Would-be bracelets in a chaotic summer



I’m quite happy with this simple bracelet design of beach rocks or sea glass with sterling silver tubing. The bracelets are strung on 1mm elastic. When I made a prototype last winter, I was concerned about the elastic rubbing against the edge of the tube and wearing out. I kept the bracelet near the TV and as Bruce and I watched a movie, I would stretch and pull against the metal tube, counting to 100 stretches, and marking it in my sketchbook. I stretched the elastic over 2,000 times, pulling it directly against the edge of the tube at least 80% of those times. No wear and tear. I also wore the bracelet, a lot, doing daily stuff both on and off the island. The design works!

As I set down to make a few of the bracelets for Alone Moose Gallery in Bar Harbor, yesterday, I could NOT find the silver tubes I ordered a few weeks ago. I looked for 2 hours, combing the house, my studio, everywhere I could think of. I had no “picture” in my mind as to where I had put them. I was looking for a package I was sure I had never opened. 20 sterling silver tubes!  I really hate wasting my time looking for something I have misplaced. It seems like the most stupid use of time there ever was. With a sinking feeling I realized I must have thrown them out.

I finished the necklaces to drop off today at Alone Moose, ate dinner, looked one more time for the tubes, and gave in. I ordered more, and set up some rocks to drill so I would be ready when the tubes arrive. As I gathered the glass cups full of rocks I noticed the edge of an invoice with “Fusion Beads” in the corner. My silver tube beads! Unpacked, but never stored in a likely place.

Is it time to clean my studio or what?!



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